The first in a line of ultra-wideband instruments from diminuSys, the P518B500 and P540B500 Tuners offer wideband 0.5 to 18/40 GHz frequency coverage, four synchronous outputs for a diversity of markets and applications, multiple user interfaces and a simple command set.

500 MHz BW centered at 1000 or 1200 MHz
200 MHz BW at 900 MHz
120 or 160 MHz band center
21.4 MHz band center

Internal Synthesizer:
Low noise and fast for self-contained operation

External Synthesizer Input:
For established ELINT/SIGINT/COMINT clients

• Fast tuning from 0.5 to 18 or 40 GHz
• 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth at primary IF output
• Auxiliary synchronous IF outputs at 900, 120/160 and 21.4 MHz
• Gain control from -40 to +20 dB
• Easy Windows and Linux control via USB, Ethernet and serial interfaces
• Included application or simple command set for frequency and gain control
• Internal frequency synthesizer with external LO input port for extreme tuning requirements
• Compact 1U rackmount configuration
• Cooling intake and exhaust ports on rear panel
• Surprising affordability with stock to 30 day availability!
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